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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    You know that one friend who won’t let you fall off on her watch?

    She encourages you to tighten up.

    She reminds you to live as your higher self.

    She challenges your fears.

    She refuses to entertain your doubt.

    She rides for your purpose.

    She’s not afraid to check you.

    She sees you in the future.

    That friend is always there with a peptalk on the tip of her tongue.

    She only lets you cry and vent for a second because she knows every second counts when you’re in the fight for your life.

    Even though she’s tough on you sometimes, at the core of everything she says and does is this simple message:

    Do. Your. Thing. Sis.

    You know that friend.

    May we all know her and love her because she’s the one holding every dope woman down.

    If you haven’t been blessed enough to have that friend in your life, no worries.

    I got you.

    I created The Sis Series you.

    The Limited Edition Do Your Thing Sis Keychain is a pep-talk in a phrase. Carry it around with you as reminder that you have what it takes, you know what to do, you can make it happen.  This keychain is handmade. So your keychain will basically be one of a kind.  The tag is gold + the suede tassel is a beautiful rose.  

    Only a select number is availble. Don't Miss out!

    Pre-Order Your Limited Edition Do Your Thing Sis Keychain, today! 

    $34 Shipped in the US

    *Inquire about international shipping if applicable. Additional cost will be applied*

    *This Keychain is available for preorder. Stay tuned to find out when sale ends, and orders are shipped.*

    **SOLD OUT**




    The Don't Settle Reminder Series was created to serve as tangible pep talks.

    Each product was designed to remind you, and the people who see you rocking your keychain, wearing your shirt, sipping from your mug, and sporting your snap back not to settle in life, love, or business.

    Wear it. Live it. Share it. 

    Don't Settle.


    **SOLD OUT**

    The Limited Edition Don't You Dare Settle Keychain is perfect for a pep-talk on the go. Carry it around with you as reminder that you've come too far to settle, now.  This keychain is handmade. So your keychain will basically be one of a kind.  The tag is gold + the leather tassel is rosegold.  

    Only a select number is availble. Don't Miss out!

    $34 Shipped in the US

    *Inquire about international shipping if applicable. Additional cost will be applied*


    ** SOLD OUT**


    The Just A Girl Who Decided... Tee is the first addition to the Don't Settle Reminder Series. I'm sharing my personal tag line with you. Wear it as a reminder not to settle in life, love or business- and to remind every aspiring woman you meet that she can follow the desires of her heart, too.




    I love a good mug- especially one with a message. This Don't Settle Mug is my new favorite and I'm sure it will be yours too. 





    This reminder is essential and as you wear it, it serves as a reminder to others. Everyone who sees you wearing our Don't Settle Snapback will be reminded not to settle for less...







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