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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    Start With The Next 5 Days... You Just May Love Your Life After All


    If there was a get there quick option, I would have taken it a long time ago.

    If there was a magic makeover your life in an instant button, I would have patented it and made millions years ago.

    If there was a magic weight loss pill, Oprah would have taken it (it’s true---she said so herself!)

    If there was an erase all of your mistakes and start brand new deal out there, I would have brokered it for me and you already. 

    I do, however, have the secret to experiencing what you want the most in life, love, and even business. 

    Are you ready for it?


    Lean in (come closer…)

    Do one thing everyday. 


    Yep! It’s genius.  

    Now, you have 2 options:

    #1. I can send you an invoice for 1 million dollars. 

    #2. You can sign up for my 5 Day Love Your Life More Challenge. It’s FREE! 

    I’ll wait while you weigh your options…


    The thing is: there are enough people trying to convince you that they can teach you how to become a millionaire (when you find someone who actually knows how to do that, send over the info.)

    The truth is: If you figure out what you’re good at, package + position it well, you can make millions (or so I’ve heard.)

    I care about the condition of your heart + the shape your soul is in + the relevance your deepest-biggest-limitless dreams have in your life.

    If you aren’t living a life you freaking love, well... are you really living?

    What if you could wake up to the life of your dreams- or at least intentionally doing what it takes to get closer to your dreams, everyday?

    You can.

    Here’s the formula:

    Do One Thing + Everyday = A Life You Freaking Love.

    It's simple. Find out what you love, focus on what matters, and do what you can to experience more of it.


    Just start with the next 5 days.  You may even make a million dollars (when you do, you’ll DEFINITELY be receiving my invoice.)

    Or, you may just love your relationships, body-image, home, role as a parent, career, or business more than you did five days ago. 

    You may be able to look at your mistakes and see them as lessons and finally be able to forgive yourself. 

    You may see your role as wife + mother as a meaningful contribution to this world--- and wake up more inspired to pursue the family you wish you had when you were growing up.

    You may find the courage to end the toxic relationships that have depleted you of joy over the years.

    You may be inspired to FINALLY pursue your dreams of becoming the next (you fill in the blank.)


    You can have whatever matters to you the most.  Just start by doing one thing everyday.





    Until next time, Love...


    "Pursue something you freaking love!

    And the process that it will take you to get it, will be worth it."


    If You Feel Like You're Doing Too Much, You Probably Are...


    How much of your life is spent on things that don’t matter? 

    Endless banter with friends who aren’t really friends…

    Countless hours working on work that doesn’t work for you…

    Meaningless routines…

    Uninspired action…


    The need to do something can trip you up.

    You should be doing something- but it should be something that matters to you.

    If you feel like you’ve been doing too much, you probably are… 

    Yes, you’ve been busy. You may even be consistent.

    But your heart isn’t in it, so you feel detached.


    Imagine doing the things that really matter to you.

    Imagine actually looking forward to your next task. 

    Or, imagine this: a moment of sheer meaningful bliss- like the moment just after doing something you’ve been meaning to do for years.  Or… the moment just before you step into a new space.  Or… the second you decide to move on (for your own good.)

    Things (and people) that matter to you, move you.  They send a revival your way when you need it. They get you pumped and keep you lifted. 

    The time you spend on things that matter is important.   


    Here’s a question that will help you decide what matters to you the most:

    If you were to wake up tomorrow and your life was exactly as it should be, what would you do, where would you do it, and who would you do it with?

    Answer in as much detail as you can. Start with the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep that night. 

    Your vision of how your life should be will be filled with all of the things that matter to you.



    Until next time, Love...


    "Pursue something you freaking love!

    And the process that it will take you to get it, will be worth it."


    Brace Yourself For The Best (This Time.)


    Photo by my (ten year old) Kai


    I know this charming man who wakes up every single morning prepared to solve a problem. For over 40 years, he says, he wanted to be ready…

    There this girl at the gym that I chat-it-up with a couple of times a week. She’s decided to either expect the worst or expect nothing at all- that way she has “nothing to lose…”

    There are other variations of the same train of thought, like: I don’t want to get too excited…  I’ll just wait, and see what happens… I don’t want to speak too soon… I don’t wanna get my hopes up…


    Stuff happens. I get it. 

    It’s hard to be hopeful when you’re fresh out of some of the worst times in your life.

    Believe me, I know.

    An unmet expectation is like opening a huge box, with a huge bow on it, on your birthday- and nothing’s in it. It’s a total letdown. 



    What if stuff doesn’t happen?

    What if you get a rush of good times? 

    What if your expectations are met- and even exceeded? 

    I asked the charming man and that girl, this question: 

    What if it all works out?

    I got shoulder shrugs and a little head tilt for an answer.


    Here’s the thing: there is no way to know, for sure, how things are gonna go.

    You can plan, pray, and hope for the best. You can do nothing, expect nothing, and let nothing just happen. You can prepare for the worst… It’s going to go how it’s going to go.

    But many opportunities are missed due to lack of preparation. Many glorious moments are cut short, when you’re trying to play catch-up.

    Your life will rise or fall to meet your thoughts toward it. – JA

    The heartbreak, financial setback, pain, business failure, parental misstep, and other stuff may happen- and you’ve braced yourself for it all, long enough.

    The romance, breakthroughs, financial fluidity, business successes, best decisions, and other glorious stuff?...  That may happen too.

    And when “it” finally happens, are you prepared for it?


    6 Things you can do to prepare for the best:

    Take a course (or read some books.) You’re going to need to know some things.

    Prepare your body. You want to be able to handle it physically.

    Get your mind right. You’re going to need to prepare for it mentally.

    Assemble your crew. You’ll need the support.

    Clean up the clutter + overhaul your life. Make room for what you want the most.

    Get your hopes up… and your life will rise to meet them.




    Until next time, Love...


    "Pursue something you freaking love!

    And the process that it will take you to get it, will be worth it."