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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    Is There Anything You Don't Do?

    I met with a new client last weekend, and she asked me this question:

    Is there anything that you don’t do?

    Because I am a multi-passionate person, I get asked that question often. 

    My work week starts on Tuesday. So from Tuesday through Friday you will find me parked in front of my computer, with a client, at a venue, or in a meeting between the hours of 11am and 4pm.  If you were to stop by my house for an evening visit, most nights, you will probably catch me in my home music studio--- writing or recording new songs.  Swing by on the weekend and you will find either a makeup brush or a camera in my hand (sometimes both.)

    If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. I actively engage in all of the things I love as often as possible.  I love writing, (music and articles) mentoring, speaking, makeup, and photography---and--- I’m good at expressing myself in all of those areas.  So, I have created a life around them.

    I do so much of what I love that there is little room for anything else.

    How great would it be if you could spend your life doing more of what you love?

    …To find pleasure in waking up every morning because you are excited about what the day will bring.

    …To be the answer to someone else’s problem because you are expressing yourself through all of your gifts.

    …To be energized by your success and motivated by your failures.

    …To experience so much joy in your present that you forget about the pain of your past.

    At the Making Things Happen Intensive that I attended this past May, I was asked to complete this statement:

    Life is too short not to __________________________.  

    The purpose of the statement is to bring to light all of the things we loved to do---and then commit to doing those things more.

    If you are not living your life doing things that you absolutely love, life is too short not to.  Your approach for today is simple.

    Take out a piece of paper and create a list that starts with the phrase:

    Life is too short not to __________________________.  

    Write until you bring to light every. single. thing---you love to do and make a commitment to do those things more. Life is too short not to.

    Until next time Loves….when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    Is More Right For You?

    I get a lot of great questions.  So I thought it would be great to launch NakeiaTV with some of those great questions.

    This week’s episode of NakeiaTV will address the question:

    How do I know if more is right for me?

    That question came from Sara from New Jersey (my home state whoot hoot!!.)  She explained that she was grateful for her life and all that she has, but lately, felt like it's not enough.  She wants more. Can you relate?

    That doesn’t seem like a typical question.  Most people gladly accept more of everything---more money, more friends, more vacations, more promotions, and more and more.  But there are a few of us, especially those who haven’t been handed much in life, who struggle with desiring and accepting more because we don’t want to appear ungrateful for what we have.

    I will boldly state that more is always right---when you have earned it and want more not just for yourself, but also for those who are connected to you.  


    I answered Sara's question and offered this approach:

    • Give yourself permission to have more.
    • Identify good reasons you have earned more.
    • Do More.

    What does more look like for you? Do you feel you deserve it? Will you feel guilty when you get it?

    I want to know what you think. So, join the discussion in the comments below.

    I would love to answer your questions on the next episode of NakeiaTV.  Just shoot me an email and your question may be answered next. I shared the specific action steps I offered Sara in this week's Free Newletter.  So, sign up for the newsletter and join Sara by doing the steps necessary to expand your life!


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    Life IS all about YOU

    It took me years to accept the fact that my life’s purpose was to be of service to others in a way that would inspire, empower, and push them into a life of purpose.

    I wanted my purpose to be about M-E, me.  I know how that must sound.  But---when you grow up not having much, constantly being a source of support for everyone else, and seeing what you want in life, right before your eyes, but being held back from it by an invisible wall---you would want the ladder part of your life to be all about Y-O-U, you too.

    Some of you are relating right now and others of you are ready this and saying, huh?.

    I have shared this before but in case you missed it, I know now, for sure, that every uncontrollable, unfortunate, difficult, and virtually unbearable circumstance that I have EVER experience was for your benefit.  For every test and trial (like the old church mothers would say) that I have experienced victory in, you now have access to strategy (I have created and mastered) to experience victory in.

    My life is about me.  It’s about me pushing through difficult doors so that you can pass through them with ease.

    If you are struggling to commit to your life’s purpose or if you have not yet identified your purpose, here is your approach:

    Answer the call. Your current difficulty is due to that fact that you are probably fighting against purpose instead of walking with it. Settle in and find your flow. Everything will fall into place when you embrace what you have been created to do.  The action you will take toward this is to write a list of things you’ve always wanted to do.  If you can, go back to your earliest memory of having a strong desire to do something. On the back of that list write down the things you have been pushing to the back of your mind for some time now. Meditate on that list for a few days and see what really speaks to you.

    Stop being so “deep.” You know exactly what I mean by deep.  When I use the phrase answer the call, I am simply referring to the times your heart tries to reach you and you listen to your head instead.  I am not referring to the mountain top, or wilderness experience that some of you are waiting for.  You feel that tugging at your heart as you hit your daily commute, sit in front of the television, or sleep your weekends away. Explore those urges to try something new or connect to something that you use to do. Your first action step toward this is simple, find a working definition of the word purpose that connects with you most.  Write it down and post it all over your living space.  Your second action step will be to keep a little note book on hand, and every time you get inspired---write it down.  Keep a working list of things you want to do.

    Do Something. I will forever be indebted to my Do Something Method™. Clarity is found in intentional action.  As you begin to active seek and walk in your purpose, you will handle life with more and more ease.  The message behind the Do Something Method ™ is Doing Something Will Always Get You Further Than Doing Nothing. Your action here is to write down at least 3 things that you will DO each week---and do it.  This is how you get out of your head and into your reality.  Do at least 3 things that you haven’t done before, use to do, or always wanted to do.

    ***Bonus*** Do more of the things you love. Your purpose is attached to your passion.  If you do something effortlessly, with enthusiasm, and joy, that thing is probably related in some way to your purpose.  Do that thing often. Connect to the things you love by using those things to replace the things you don’t love. The action you will take for this last strategy should really shift you into a more purposeful life. Start with a list of things you love doing.  This list should take you a minute.  Some of the things you write may make you smile immediately.  Once you have a list, select 1 thing from your list to do every-single-day. Do. It. Love. It.

    I have answered my call and now I am walking in purpose.  You can too with this simple and effective Common Sense Approach.

    I want to here from you.  What is your purpose? Are you having trouble identifying it? How are you walking in it? What are your specific struggles? Answer those questions in the comment section below.


    Until next time Loves… when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!