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    3 Things You Should Do While You're Waiting

    It may sound crazy, but most of my big ideas come to me while I am sitting in the car rider’s lane at my daughter’s school. For reasons that have yet to be revealed to me, the wait time in the afternoon is just about 30 minutes (on a good day.)  I have tried, and tried to cut down the wait time, and I have failed, and failed every time.  If I get there early, there is a long wait. If I get there late, there is a long wait.  Instead of complaining about my wait time, I have learned to use it to my advantage.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson asked the question---how much of human life is lost in waiting.

    Most of the time when I use that I quote, I am referring to the time people waste waiting for the perfect opportunity or the perfect time to pursue their dreams.  I believe that is what Mr. Emerson was expressing through that statement.

    Then---there are instances when I use that quote to refer to the time that is unused or wasted while we are put in situations where waiting is the only option.

    Here is what I mean.  I must pick my daughter up from school, so waiting for her to come out is my only option. As I sit for 30 minutes or more in the car rider’s lane at my daughter’s school, I use the time to read a chapter from a good book, create lyrics for a new song, create a list of blog ideas, catch up with my little sister from New Jersey, or meditate on the things that matter to me the most.  I don’t allow that wait time go lost or unused.

    Let me ask you a question, have you ever complained about not having enough time to read or catch up with family or friends? In the past week, have you complained about not having enough time to create an action plan or spend time in gratitude?

    If you have been struggling with time management and are tire of wasting time, here is your approach:

    Find the lost time. There is time during your day that you know for sure is wasted or lost. You don’t even need to think about it because every time it happens, you complain of wasted time. Replace that waste with action. Identify a specific action that you can do with that time.  It should be action that doesn’t take a lot of time; and an action that is measurable immediately after it is taken.

    Assign your time.  This is the biggest success strategy that you can implement. Time is your biggest asset.  You must invest it in the things that will add value to your life. Assign your actions to a specific time during the day.

    Make every moment count. Creating a life you love and deserve is not always easy.  It will require a lot of time and energy.  Even your down time or time of rest should be active rest. When waiting is your only option, make those moments count. Read a book, create a plan, catch up with a friend, or meditate on what matters to you the most.

    Do me a favor and join the discussion.  I want to know if you are losing or using your time? Do you use your wait time strategically? How will you use my approach?


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    2 Things You Can Do To Help You Re-focus

    All week I have been here:

    As a matter of fact, it was about 2am when I took this out-of-focus shot of the start of our session the other day.  For those of you who have no idea what you are looking at because the photo is REALLY out of focus, you are looking at the computer monitors in our recording studio. 

    The focus of our production company has been on building our song library and submitting our work to major record labels.  This aspect of our business is where I get to be creative.  I will never get use to conceiving a song idea in my head and seeing it come to life through the guitar, piano, and bass.  My husband is a skilled composer and musician--- he totally gets me.

    What I have learned from the business of music is that it takes laser focus for your work to be successful. In this instance, what I mean by successful is having your work go from a musical concept that once lived only in your head (or heart) to a published work.

    We have learned that the thing that you concentrate your effort, attention, or emphasis on the most, is the thing that will be clearly developed in your life. In other words, what you focus on will grow.

    It is easy to get out of focus. Daily routines, family commitments, and unpleasant circumstances can most certainly cloud your vision. Or, you may find yourself totally laser focused on things that don't matter at all.  For example, if you focus your attention on what you are lacking, you can not focus on ways to create what you need. Your focus or area of concern must be on the thing that you want to happen in your life. Focusing on what you don't have will not change thing.  If you focus on what you do have--- and use that to get what you need, your lack will decrease.

    If your life has become blurry (like my 2am shot of the studio) and you know that you are out of focus, here is your approach:

    Check your vision.  Your focus should be on what matters most to you in life and your life's purpose. If you are out of focus it is because you have disconnected yourself from what really matters. Make a list of the things that matter to you most as well as a personal purpose statement. Your statement should begin with the words---My purpose is...

    Do What Matters.  Too much of your life is spent on things that don't matter to you.  Your life should revolve around the things that matter to you the most.  What I mean specifically is that you should be doing, seeing, experiencing, and living what you love. Set your focus on what brings you joy, peace, and total contentment.
    Join the discussion. What do you do when you get out of focus? When was the last time you had a vision check? Let me know in the comments below.
    Until next time Loves...When in doubt, simply do what makes sense!



    Must Haves: A Conversation at Starbucks

    There are 2 things that you should know about me.


    • I invite myself into the conversations of others.
    • I offer unsolicited advice.

    It may seem weird at first, but by the end of the conversations, everyone is glad I did.

    In fact, I was at my local Starbucks waiting to order my coffee, when I could help but hear 2 women talking about their attempt to make lasting changes in their lives.  One of the women wanted to be more productive with her day, the other wanted to stop watching so much television.

    Cue my invite. I jumped in and told the women about my list of things everyone who is trying to see real change and achieve and maintain a life that is balanced and productive must have. Of course I didn't want to be rude and over-extend my stay in their conversation, so I gave them a few tips and invited them to read today's blog.

    So Sharon and Liz, if you are reading, here it is.

    If you know for sure that it is time to invite balance, productivity, and positive change in your life and want an approach that is more intentional, here is what you must have:

    1. An Active Goal.
    You should always a goal---something that you are working toward, striving for, or challenging yourself with. When you direct your efforts toward an expected end, you increase your faith in yourself, gain a sense of purpose, and experts say you can add years to your life. When selecting a goal, make sure that is it reasonable and develop a plan that will help you achieve and maintain it.

    2. A Book.
    Reading a book expands vocabulary; improves spelling, memory, focus, and analytical thinking; and can empower you to change the course of your life. I recommend reading at least 30 minutes a day. You should select books written about your career choice; books that empower you to develop personally; and books based on fiction or a hobby.

    3. A Friend.
    Friends are extremely hard to come by these days. So, if you can find one in a lifetime, you are truly fortunate. Having someone in your life that shares your same interests, offers an ear to listen, and provides an outlet for you to really be who you are, can be helpful in maintaining balance. This person should not be a “yes man”, but should offer objective advice. After all you will not be right all of the time and someone needs to be there to remind you of that fact.

    4. A Mentor.
    In addition to your friend you should have someone in your life that has mastered the art of living. It should be someone that is skillful in their career and balanced in their personal life. Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone that you know personally. You can follow the formulas of well known entrepreneurs, entertainers, or a neighbor that you have been admiring from afar. You can find someone that has mastered whatever discipline you find yourself in. You can read the books they have written, follow the blogs they have published, and look in the archives for old speeches or interviews. 

    There you have list that every person looking to improve, develop, or change their life must have.

    You have a personal invitation to join this conversation. Jump in by commenting below.

    I want to hear about your list of must- haves. Is your list similar to mine? Will you add my list to the way you approach your life?


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!