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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    Quick Sense Tip: Unload + Reload


    Normally on Nakeia TV, I answer questions that others send in via Facebook, Twitter, or email.  This week, I wanted to switch things up and introduce my Quick Sense Tips. 

    My Quick Sense Tips are things that you can easily add to your life, in an instant, and expect to get instant results. If you are like me, you appreciate some instant gratification every now and then.  That is where my Quick Sense Tip will come in handy.

    Now, enough of the explanation, let’s get to today’s Episode of Nakeia TV.

    Have you ever found yourself half-way through your day and the only thing that you have completed is a thought marathon? You wake up just fine, but somewhere between breakfast and lunch you get lost in your own thoughts.

    I share 2 things that you can do to become a amster of your own thoughts and get more done during the day.

    This week's approach:

    • Unload
    • Reload

    How do you get rid of negative thoughts? Join the discussion in the comments section below.  I also want to add a challenge to this week’s tip.  Starting tomorrow morning, I want you to unload and reload every day for 7 days.  On the seventh day, I want to hear from you.  I want to know, specifically, if this strategy has helped you get more done during the day, and if you have seen a dramatic decrease in your negative thoughts.

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    Until Next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    How A Lesson Learned Can Change Someone Else's Life.

    The other day, I had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious cup of Vanilla Chai Latte with someone who could totally relate to me.  She lived one street over from me in the projects; and although we never hung out as young girls, talking as we sipped on the best cup of tea I've ever had---took me right back to my childhood.

    As we shared our past experiences, some good and some bad, it was confirmed---more than ever that we are exactly where we should be at this moment in our lives.

    I have shared with you many times how I use to wish my past was different.  I wished I hadn't grown up in the hood, that I was raised by my parents, and that I wasn't exposed to so many horrible things. Then years ago, as I began to share my story, I saw the effect that knowing that you are not alone, knowing that someone else has experienced some of the same things that you have experienced---and made it to the other side--- could actually have. 

    Your past is only relevant if what you have learned from it can help you or someone else. Pushing pass your past and reaching a point in your life where you can share your experience, can be the difference between someone else giving up or pushing their way through.

    If you have been pittying your past instead of learning from it, and want to get to the other side, here is your approach:

    Crash the pity party. Believe me, I know what it is like to feel pitiful. I also know what it's like to get over it---and that feel so muchbetter. Give yourself a huge jolt by immediately indulging in something that brings you great pleasure. It can be a shopping spree, a spontaneous trip back home, a week day off from work, a cup of tea with an old friend.  What ever you can do to give yourself a quick and immediately jolt, do it now.

    Ride the joy cloud. It is impossible to be joyful and pitiful at the same time.  So, use that joyful moment to create permanent joy in your life. As soon as you feeling of joy is at it's peak, sit down right in that moment and write a list of things that you are grateful to have learned from your past. You may have learned what it means to be a real friend, to trust your own instincts, or to love yourself more. Write for as long as the lessons keep coming.

    Teach what you've learned.Someone you know, needs a lesson in friendship, trust, or love. Those lesson are not just for you. Teach what you have learned.  Thinking of someone else will take the focus off of your own self pity, and put your life back into perspective.

    If you can relate to my story of learning from the past, share with us in the comments below.  What specific lesson from your past could you share with someone else today? How could using my approach change what you are experiencing right now?


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    Do What Most Experts Tell You NOT To Do.

    Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all of the things you want to do? You may love baking, sewing, running, playing an instrument, teaching, singing, and every other thing you are good at. But, you may not know which, of the many things you love, to pursue. Well I’m going to tell you to do what most experts tell you NOT to do.

    Vivian asked me this question on my Facebook page:

    I am an elementary school teacher, but I am also passionate about writing and baking. How do I know which one of my passions is the right one to pursue?

    Well let’s just say I know a little bit about being multi-passionate. I am a songwriter, blogger, retired makeup artist, speaker, and mentor. I would call that multi-passionate---wouldn’t you? So... I am going to give you an answer that you never saw coming! Pursue. Them. All. That’s right. Pursue them all.

    Before you begin your pursuit, be clear on your intention. Are you pursuing that passion as a career or a hobby? Will your passion add value to others? Will pursing your passion fill a void in your life?

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    If you are multi-passionate, I want to hear from you. Join the discussion below. Are you overwhelmed by everything you love? How will you implement this approach?

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    Until next time Loves…when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!