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    Quick Sense Tip: Do Something

    On this week’s episode of Nakeia TV I share another Quick Sense Tip.  This tip is probably this most important tip that I will ever give you.

    The principle that doing nothing is just as effective as doing something is a life changer.



    Understanding that the only way to get something you want---anything you want---is to take action, is a will absolutely change your life.  It seems like common sense, but remember common sense is not so common.  Many people, especially people who are like I was just 10 years ago, have no idea what to do to get exactly what they want.  So, they make a conscious choice to do nothing---hoping that one day everything will some how work itself out.

    If you are tired of getting nothing and want to start doing something about it, here is your approach:

    Do something.  Start with what you have at your disposal.  Start with your gifts and talents and do something with them. As you begin to take action, you will begin to gain the experience and confidence you need to take things further.

    Remember doing nothing is just as effective as doing something.  If you want something, you are going to have to do something about it.

    Now of course, I want to hear from you.  Have you ever been so confused about what to do that you decided to do nothing? How did that work out for you? What action did you take to finally change your life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense


    The Best Way To End The War (Within)

    There seems to be a constant battle between the life you have and the life you want.

    Or at least it feels like a battle sometimes.  You wake up, walk out of the bed, the questions start--- and the war begins. 

    Are you grateful for your life or do you wish that it was over?

    Do you work out or skip out?

    Do you pray and meditate or do you complain?

    Do you love your job, or do you hate it?

    Will you play with the kids, or play on the computer?

    Will you read a book or watch TV? 

    Will you do something to change your life, or will you wait for something ---or someone to come along and change it for you?

    The life you have is sitting back waiting for you to do what you have always done and the life you want is overwhelmed with anticipation---just waiting for you to finally make the right choice.

    When you woke up this morning, who won? What action did you take? Which life did you choose?

    Here is a better question. What ACTion will you take---today---that will change the course of your life and help you win the battle?

    Today’s approach…

    Choose the life you want. You deserve it.


    Until next time Loves…when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    An Approach For Slow Bloomers

    After picking my daughter up from school and just before pulling into my garage, I drove past the flowers in front of my house and complained almost everyday.

    In spite of the fact that it was a wonderful summer here in Atlanta, our roses just wouldn’t bloom.  So, I complained.  Everyday, as I pulled into my garage, I complained to my daughter about our lack of roses. Then, one day as I was passing by, I glanced over and saw this:

    It was one lone beautiful pink rose in full bloom.  I screeched for my daughter to come over to see the rose, and with this weird look on her face, she said mom that flower has been there the whole time---it’s just finally big and pretty today.  I said no it hasn’t. And---of course she asserted that it had, in fact, been there the whole time.

    What a lesson.  I was so focused on what was lacking that I failed to see the one thing that was slowly blooming everyday.

    Such is life.  As we strive to achieve our greatest ambitions, the little things that we take for granted everyday, are in fact slowly striving to be great on our behalf. The stuff we overlook and pass by is just as important as the things we deem to be great. It is those things---those little things--- that support us while we are preparing for our greatest desires.    

    If you find yourself so focused on what you are lacking that you overlook the things that are slowly blooming in your life, here is your approach:

    Simply stop and smell the rosesAll is not loss.  There is beauty slowly blooming---but you can’t see it if you are focused on what you don’t have.

    Stay in gratitude. Be thankful for what is working and growing in your life right now.

    Check in daily. Everyone is obsessed with the future. When you are goal driven it is easy to get so focused on what’s ahead, that you breeze past the day-to-day. Checking in with what is going on in your life everyday will keep things in perspective and assist you in embracing the process.


    What have you been overlooking? How will you apply this approach? Join the discussion the comments below. Are you a slow bloomer? What have you done to embrace the process?


    Until next time Loves…when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!