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    Must Haves: A Conversation at Starbucks

    There are 2 things that you should know about me.


    • I invite myself into the conversations of others.
    • I offer unsolicited advice.

    It may seem weird at first, but by the end of the conversations, everyone is glad I did.

    In fact, I was at my local Starbucks waiting to order my coffee, when I could help but hear 2 women talking about their attempt to make lasting changes in their lives.  One of the women wanted to be more productive with her day, the other wanted to stop watching so much television.

    Cue my invite. I jumped in and told the women about my list of things everyone who is trying to see real change and achieve and maintain a life that is balanced and productive must have. Of course I didn't want to be rude and over-extend my stay in their conversation, so I gave them a few tips and invited them to read today's blog.

    So Sharon and Liz, if you are reading, here it is.

    If you know for sure that it is time to invite balance, productivity, and positive change in your life and want an approach that is more intentional, here is what you must have:

    1. An Active Goal.
    You should always a goal---something that you are working toward, striving for, or challenging yourself with. When you direct your efforts toward an expected end, you increase your faith in yourself, gain a sense of purpose, and experts say you can add years to your life. When selecting a goal, make sure that is it reasonable and develop a plan that will help you achieve and maintain it.

    2. A Book.
    Reading a book expands vocabulary; improves spelling, memory, focus, and analytical thinking; and can empower you to change the course of your life. I recommend reading at least 30 minutes a day. You should select books written about your career choice; books that empower you to develop personally; and books based on fiction or a hobby.

    3. A Friend.
    Friends are extremely hard to come by these days. So, if you can find one in a lifetime, you are truly fortunate. Having someone in your life that shares your same interests, offers an ear to listen, and provides an outlet for you to really be who you are, can be helpful in maintaining balance. This person should not be a “yes man”, but should offer objective advice. After all you will not be right all of the time and someone needs to be there to remind you of that fact.

    4. A Mentor.
    In addition to your friend you should have someone in your life that has mastered the art of living. It should be someone that is skillful in their career and balanced in their personal life. Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone that you know personally. You can follow the formulas of well known entrepreneurs, entertainers, or a neighbor that you have been admiring from afar. You can find someone that has mastered whatever discipline you find yourself in. You can read the books they have written, follow the blogs they have published, and look in the archives for old speeches or interviews. 

    There you have list that every person looking to improve, develop, or change their life must have.

    You have a personal invitation to join this conversation. Jump in by commenting below.

    I want to hear about your list of must- haves. Is your list similar to mine? Will you add my list to the way you approach your life?


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!


    3 Things You Can Do When You Feel Lost

    This week on Nakeia TV, I answer a question that comes from Amy who is a stay-at-home mom. 

    Amy has three children and she is completely devoted to them, but sometimes she feels as though she has lost her true self.  She believes there is more to her than just being a mom and wants to know how she can continue being the best mom that she can be---and be the best Amy that she can be. She no longer wants to feel the guilt of wanting more for her life.

    Specifically, Amy asks:

    What do you do when you feel lost in your own life? 

    As you know, I only answer the questions that I can relate to the most and can offer the simplest and most effective approach for. So this is another question that knew would be important to address.

    I can totally relate to Amy.  I am a mother of two, a wife, and an entrepreneur.  All of those roles keep me so busy that sometimes I forget about the role that started it all---being Nakeia. There are days when I am literally living out all 4 roles---ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

    If you are feeling lost and want to find your way back to being at your best, here is your approach:


    • Carve out some me time.  
    • Create a me list.
    • Make the connection. 


    Trying this approach will not only benefit you but it will benefit your family and your business.  When you are at your best, you offer your best to others.

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    If you are a wife, mother, and/or and entrepreneur, I want to hear from you.  Join me in the comment section below.  I am sure that you can relate to Amy.  Perhaps you have some advice of your own to share.

    If you like this video as well as the others do me a favor and subscribe to Nakeia TV here.  Also, share this approach with someone that you know could use it.

    Until next time Loves…when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!



    My Most Favorite Life Lesson.

    I learned one of my most favorite life lessons almost 10 years ago.  I share that lesson every chance I get.  Just this week, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of work-at-home moms. When I finished speaking, there was a line of women waiting to speak to me.  I thought to myself, great---that lesson obviously impacted the crowd. After greeting the first few women, I realized that my lesson wasn't the only thing making an impact---so was this:

    Here's what I shared:

    I have a loving, giving, low-maintenance husband. He would literally do anything for me…really…ANYTHING! He only had one request when I asked him what he expected of me in marriage. He only expected me to cook. He loves to eat good home-cooking. There was only one other thing attached to that request. He also needed me to be able to cook his favorite dish…macaroni and cheese. Not just any ole’ Mac & Cheese. Baked Mac & Cheese done southern style; with lots of cheese, milk and…you know what I’m talking about…soul food! Well this should have been easy for me. After all, my grandmother, Ms. Mae, is the queen of soul food. She is a caterer. Ask anyone in South Jersey about Ms. Mae and they will tell you she makes the best baked chicken, roast beef with gravy, green beans, candied yams, and of course her coveted Mac & Cheese! Not only had I watched her cook all of my life, but I had to help her prepare for all kinds of banquets. I came into our marriage with my mind, body, soul, and Ms. Mae’s secret recipes! 

    Anyway, once we were married and it was time for me to prepare my first real meal. I went for the gold and put Mac & Cheese on the menu! I had all of the ingredients (which shall remain nameless because I have been sworn to secrecy) in the pan and in the oven. What came out of the oven was NOT Ms. Mae’s Mac & Cheese. To this day I don’t know where I went wrong! I prepared it the way I had seen it done for years. My husband ate it anyway and never complained. I knew better! It wasn’t right! I had a new mission to complete. I set out to make the best Mac & Cheese he had ever eaten! When the next Sunday came around I was ready! I had conference calls with my grandmother all week. I purchased the brands she recommended, and prepared another batch. 40 minutes later, Mac & Cheese was on the table. It was ok, but it wasn’t Ms. Mae’s Mac & Cheese. Once again my husband ate it. Still I knew better. I called my grandmother to tell her the news and she said you probably didn’t put enough love in itThat is when I had an epiphany! It wasn’t lack of love, attention to detail, or even the brands I used. It was ME---that is what was missing! I had been trying to make Ms. Mae’s Mac & Cheese. Other family members have tried for years to make it and never succeeded. Was it her love,ingredients, or her experienced hands? I am not sure.

    So, another Sunday was approaching and I was determined to make the best Mac & Cheese my husband had ever eaten! I went out and purchased some the things my grandmother told me to use and added a few things of my own. I put the ingredients in the pan and into the oven. What came out was Nakeia’s Mac & Cheese. Of course my husband ate it and this time he spoke! He said now that’s some gooood Mac & Cheese

    Isn’t it just like life to teach us a lesson through Mac & Cheese? Too often we try to do things the way someone else has done it. It seems reasonable. Why reinvent the wheel…right? Well I say this. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel…discover new ways to maximize its capacity. To compare yourself to someone else is to limit yourself to their abilities.

    I want you to develop your stride…that is to always advance with your maximum competence. You will never realize your strengths if you rely on the strengths of someone else. My Mac & Cheese is not Ms. Mae’s. I am ok with that. Now, when ever there is a family dinner and my grandmother can not make her Mac & Cheese, Nakeia’s Mac & Cheese is in high demand!

    If you have been experiencing difficulty developing your stride, here is your approach:

    Be authentic.  Start with what you do well and build from there.  It is okay to find a mentor, as a matter of fact, I highly recommend it.  But once your mentor creates the foundation, start building your self up.

    Be persistent.  To be persistent is to move forward even when it isn't easy or doesn't come natural.  If you keep at it, you will get it right.

    Be confident. You are good enough, strong enough, creative enough, and more than enough. When faced with difficulty in the past, you push past it.  If you did it before, be confident that you can do it again.


    Join the discussion in the comments below. What task are you currently trying to master? Is there someone that you have been comparing yourself to? Do you make great Mac & Cheese? I want to hear from you.


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!