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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    The Words That Got Us Through 2017

    Thank you for moving through 2017 with me.

    Thank you for reading every post, sharing every comment, and emailing me your thoughts.

    Thank you for scrolling through my Instagram, popping in on my Twitter, and pulling up on my Facebook page. 

    I see you. I hear you and I appreciate your presence. 

    As you know, I share from a personal space. I share from my experiences, my prayers, my shortcomings, and my come ups. 

    2017 was great. It wasn't easy, but it was great. And when it wasn't easy, I said a prayer, listened for answers and kept going.  I went looking through my year. Thanks to social media we can do that.  I read every note, peptalk, and get yourself together, girl I wrote and picked my favorites.

    Here are the words that got us through 2017:

    You’re going to want to give up, don’t. 


    Sometimes things fall apart...

    not because life is hard, but because you prayed for something better.

    What you are experiencing right now could be answered prayer.

    out with the old... 


    There will always be someone who doesn't see your worth. 

    don't let that be you.  


    There will be moments in life when what you do may make others uncomfortable.

    Do it anyway.

    Trust me. they'll be alright. 


    Nothing is worth your peace. 


    I spoke to someone who said she thought her life would be easier by now.

    My response: ...and if it never gets easy I hope you'll keep going cause you'll get stronger.

    You won't need easy then.

    Easy would be nice but it's not necessary. you can do hard things.  

    You may have to apologize for many things, but being you should never be one of them. 


    Withered is not dead.

    Bent is not broken.
    Even scares heal.

    There is life after... don't get discouraged in the before.


    Stop hiding your magic. 


    May not always smile.

    May get caught with a bad attitude.

    May be a lot to handle.

    May have a lot of layers to get through...

    But even on your worst day, you are still worthy of love. 


    What you lost is not the best you ever had.


    Don't dim your light. 

    Someone else might need it to find their way...


    Tomorrow you’re going to wake up and be happy you didn’t give up today.


    Dear Beloved,

    Believe in your come up.


    If something's in your way, you have the strength to break through it.

    If something's holding you back, you have the power to push passed it. 

    Even when it seems impossible, you'll find a way to get around it. 
    You can handle everything that comes your way.


    If you never hear I love you from the one you loved the most,

    I hope you keep on loving.

    If you never hear I’m sorry from the one who hurt you worst,

    I hope you forgive them anyway so that the pain will ease.

    If you never get another chance to right what you did wrong,

    I hope you give yourself chance and keep on keeping on.

    If your days seem long, and nights look dark,

    I hope you wake up the next day and smile just because you can.

    Love will be lost.

    You’ll get hurt.

    You’ll miss your chance. …but I hope you know you’ll be okay.


    I remember standing in the middle of circumstances that I had no idea how I was going to get out of- moments when I thought, "there is no way I will survive this..."

    But, here I am. A survivor.

    No matter what you are standing in the middle of right now, please know: you can and you will survive.

    Be encouraged. 
    Hold on to your faith.
    You can make your way through this and you will survive. 


    Don't doubt (you know what to do.)

    Don't turn back (you've come too far.)

    Don't give up (you'll get there.)

    Don't settle (you're worth more...) 


    Love sees who you were,

    who you are, 

    and who you will be... and stalks you at every stage. 
    That's love... anything else isn't worthy of you. 


    Your big personality might inspire someone else to be who they are...

    your words of encouragement might keep someone else from settling...

    your story of overcoming difficulty might inspire someone else to keep pushing...

    your talent, skill, and resilience might light the way from others.

    Keep shining, beloved. 


    You've gone through too much, to get this far, only to settle.

    don't stop.

    don't quit.

    don't give up.

    don't turn back.

    don't shrink.

    don't fall off... don't settle.


    The people who saw you fall will be present for your come up.


    It took you 10, 20, 30 years to finally look yourself in the mirror and be okay with what you see... to be confident in the decisions you've made.

    Stop letting people wreck your whole life with 5 minute conversations about what they think of your life. 


    Stop worrying.

    You are about to live off the hustle you put in years ago.


    You're strong enough.

    You're tough enough.

    You know what you're doing.

    You can handle it. 

    You've got this... And when you think you can't, check your record. You always do. 


    You gave it all you had.

    You hung in there long enough.

    You put in the work, but it just didn't work out.

    You're not quitting.

    You're not giving up.

    You're letting go, and moving on.
    There's a difference.


    You ask for wisdom. you get problems to solve.

    You ask for patience. you get more things to wait for.

    You ask for real love. you recognize it after heartbreak.

    You ask for more. you lose some things to make room for it.

    Trust the annoying, heartbreaking, overwhelming, lonely, tedious... process.

    It's making you better. 


    Don’t get discouraged in the before.

    Your after is coming.


    Don't shrink to fit into a box that was never made for you.


    Let everything that doesn't belong to you make its exit, so that everything that does can make its entrance. 


    You've worked too hard, for too long, to allow this (whatever "this" is for you) to set you back.

    Pivot... and go harder.


    Beware of people who can’t handle your growth.

    If you’re going to do it,

    do it for you.


    No matter how long it took, what you had to go through to get here, and what you loss in the process, you made it.

    Since it didn't kill you, you might as well let it make you stronger. 


    Affirmation for the discouraged hustler:

    in my before...
    working hard 
    to experience my after. 
    don’t get discouraged in the before, beloved. you’re in process.  


    If it’s a choice between them and you, choose you every time.


    Stay ready.

    When it’s your turn, it won’t matter where you are in line.


    2018 is going to be great!  It may not be easy, but you will handle it.

    ...and when it gets hard, I'll be right here with some words that will help you get through.



    For Those Who's Lives Ain't All That Merry Right Now...


    Shout out to those without a pretty tree to post or an engagement to announce or a baby’s first Christmas to celebrate.  I know you thought things would be different by now- and it seems your life is in this same place it was this time last year. I hear you...

    But listen, you made it through hours of watching other people post, brag, and celebrate... and although this season has been hard and maybe even a little depressing, it’s just about over and you’ve survived. 

    I know you don’t feel like it, and it seems like it will never happen, but your time is coming.

    Don’t let a couple of days, out of 365, make you stop believing in your come up.


    3 Ways To Immediately Get Your Life Together 

    Getting your life together is the ultimate act of self-care.

    love yourself.
    be kind to yourself.
    but also hold yourself accountable to the level up.

    Here are 3 ways to immediately get your life together:

    1. Do a honest assessment of where you are in every area of your life. Are you the woman (or man) you want to be? Are you moving in the direction of your goals? 

    2. Edit your life. Once the assessment is made, identify habits, people, and overall actions that need an edit. What do you need to do differently? What do you need to remove from your life? 

    3. Make the commitment. Now that you know where you are, and what you need to do, commit to doing something about it- immediately.  Create a list of actions you can take, right now, to get your life together. 

    At some point you just gotta decide to step your entire life up. Start with these 3 steps.