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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    Storytelling And How I Was Almost Special Agent Nakeia. What's Your Story?

    True story:

    I was supposed to be an FBI agent. Yup. I was supposed to be special agent Nakeia, working in some department that studied criminal behavior and profiled some of the most dangerous people in the world.

    I went on to become a social worker, makeup artist, songwriter, speaker, inspirational writer, mentor, consultant, copywriter, and copywriter instead. That’s a lot. I know.

    I did revisit my plan to work in the criminal justice field. But, instead of trying to catch criminals, I worked to rehabilitate them as a Counselor in a community corrections facility.

    That’s what’s great about life. You can decide who you want to be, at any time, and go do that.

    You can decide, change your mind, and decide again.

    It seems every few chapters of my life are different. I like it that way. Keeps me poppin’. You feel me?!

    What’s your story? Who have you become? How have you decided to stay poppin’?

    Send me an email so we can chat about it. 


    "They" Have No Idea What They're Talking About. But, DJ Khaled and I Do.

    “They” will have you out here thinking you’re not good enough.

    “They” will have you doubting your abilities, questioning your purpose, and comparing your life to someone else’s...

    “They” will lead you to believe that your contribution in this world is insignificant.

    “They” are a trip!

    They don’t pay your bills.
    They don’t add any value to your life.
    And at the end of the day, they don’t have to answer to the calling on your life.

    What they think is irrelevant.

    DJ Khaled got it right. They may not want you to succeed.

    They may not believe in your dopeness.

    They may not understand your genius.

    So, it’s your responsibility to believe in yourself and cultivate your own genius.

    There will be plenty of people who doubt you, don’t be one of them.


    7 Keys To Help You Bounce Backs And Move Forward

    1. Release the past. those could’ve, should’ve, would’ve’s will trap you in your feelings. Staying in your feelings will keep you from moving forward. let it go.

    2. Reject negative thoughts. thinking it’s too late, you have too many flaws, and holding yourself hostage to the mistakes of your past will keep you from seeing the possibilities. Practice thinking better about yourself. Create affirmations, seek therapy, dive into books on mindset.

    3. Figure out what had you stuck in the first place. why did you fail, what made you fall, who hurt you, what are your fears...? Pull that stuff up so you can adress it.

    4. See yourself in the future. Get a clear picture of what you want to happen. Set some goals and make some plans. Have a vision for your life.

    5. Start from scratch. give yourself a clean slate. Trying to pick up where you left off may be an emotional trap. do something fresh.

    6. Build up your network. surround yourself with other forward thinkers, movers, and hustlers. Vibe with the positive energy of positive people.

    7. Don’t settle. Bouncing back can be hard. It’s going to require major changes. You may be really uncomfortable for a minute, but don’t settle for easy, safe, and comfortable.