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    In Review: Play With Fire By Bianca Olthoff

    The internet is a wonderful place.
    You get to peep into the lives of people you admire on Instagram.
    You get to catch up with friends from high school on Facebook.
    You get to experience the everyday lives of the young and busy on Snapchat...
    And (my favorite) read the philosophy, tips, tricks, and tools of some really cool teachers, writers, and story-tellers on blogs.
    I found one of my favorite blogs about 6 or 7 years ago.
    Actually, a friend of mine introduced me to it and I've been following Bianca Olthoff ever since.
    She writes of faith, love, purpose, womanhood, Jesus, Beyonce (yes, Beyonce) and pretty much everything that matters to someone who is in pursuit of a meaningful life.
    So, when the opportunity to read an advance copy of her book Play With Fire came along, I snagged my copy.
    I read the entire book in just 2 sittings. I could have read it in one, but motherhood...
    After following Bianca for so long, I thought I knew what to expect.
    She is a teacher who grew up an preacher's kid, so I expected a sermon of some kind from her. But, I didn't expect it to come in the form of a conversation about growing up poor, living with your parents as an adult, battling weight issues, mending a broken heart, and watching a parent battle cancer.

    That is exactly what you get from Play With Fire.
    ~A conversation that is sermonic on-the-low
    Bianca told the story of growing up physically and in her faith in a way that made me feel like I scrolling through her Instagram feed, catching up on her Facebook status, experiencing her Snapchats (which are hilarious by the way,) and sitting on the church pew with my hands raised, yelling preach Bianca!-  all at the same time.
    Her debut as an author did not disappoint. Bianca has been a friend-in-my-head for some time and it is so clear why. Just like me, she is a (lighter) brown girl who grew up poor but understands that being rich experience- good and especially bad is often more valuable than money. 
    In her book, Bianca details some of the seemingly bad experiences that have inspired deeper faith. She encourages us not to avoid the fire but to allow it to purify us; and to rest assure that God's invisible hand is always there when it seems too hot for us to manage. 
    The entire book is rich in philosophy, tips, tools, and sound teaching (so be sure to get your copy) but here are 2 of my favorite takeaways:
    What survives in the fire will determine what is truly valuable.

    When you are at the end of yourself that's when God begins.

    Preach Bianca! 








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