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    How To Have The Best Day Ever.

    There have been seasons in your life when a good day was hard to come by.

    During periods of transition, you just went with the flow.

    When you were experiencing some of the worst times of your life, you did what you had to do just to get through the day.

    And, when life was good, you held on to those good days for dear life.

    Living your life completely uncertain about what each day will bring can cause extreme anxiety.  I know that there are some things that we just can’t control.

    Stuff happens. But, there is nothing wrong with longing for + preparing for the day when you can wake up totally inspired by your life + excitedly in expectation + laser focused on fulfilling your intentions.

    That kind of day--- I like to call THE BEST DAY EVER!

    That kind of day--- doesn’t happen by accident.

    That kind of day--- is a set up.

    "How you set your day up is how it will end up."If you want to experience the best day ever, you have to make it happen.  Here is how to set yourself up for the best day ever:

    Step 1: GET EVERYTHING OFF YOUR MIND. Get your happy, sad, tired, overwhelming, cluttered, excited, anxious, and regretful thoughts out of your head and on to a piece of paper. Don’t over-think this step.  If it’s in your head, unload it so that it doesn’t take charge of your day.

    Step 2: GET EVERYTHING OFF YOUR HEART. Get your dreams, hopes, desires, and long-lost goals out of your heart and on to a piece of paper. Replace everything that has been holding you back, with what fires you up. Let these thoughts direct your day.   

    Step 3: INTRODUCE YOUR WORDS TO YOUR ACTIONS. You’ve been talking about it, dreaming about it, researching it, putting it off. Now it’s time to start making it happen.  You’re not trying to change your whole life in one day here.  Just choose 1-3 small things that you can do and commit to doing them.

    Step 4: GET YOUR HOPES UP!  When you are intentional you can expect results.  You can expect to experience more of what you want the most. So, take some time to write down what you hope to see happen in your life--- based on the actions you’re going to take toward it.

    Step 5: SCHEDULE EVERYTHING. Reduce your anxiety by being deliberate with your time. Time is your biggest asset and your secret weapon. Use it to get stuff done, invest in yourself, and make lasting memories.

    The best thing about this set up is that it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete each day.  If you’d like, you can complete the set up at night.  I find it extremely helpful to complete at night when I am involved in a project.  It gives my mind focus through the night and I wake up, the next day, already charged.

    #TheDailySet Up Daily Planner is probably the best thing I've ever created.  I use it Every. Single. Day. FOR REAL.

    Order your copy today!


    Until next time Loves ;-)



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