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    Year End Hustle Week 12: How To Reset After a Failure

    Life does not always go as planned.

    Even the best of plans fail.  That’s just the way it is.

    When you think about it, there are too many factors involved in most of the things we set out to do.

    It’s you.  But---then there’s them.

    It’s what you want to do.  But---then there’s what they want to do.

    It’s your schedule.  But---then there’s their schedule.

    It’s you.  The you that really wants to take your life into the palm of your hands and mold the best looking life anyone has ever seen.

    But---then it’s you.  The you that feels like life itself is chewing you up and spitting you out.

    So what are you to do?

    Do it anyway.

    Go anyway. Try anyway. Dream anyway. Say it anyway. Be it anyway.

    The only thing that is 100% within your control is you--- even though you feel totally out of control at times.

    If you are ever going to get what you want the most, you are going to have to get passed the hard stuff.

    Plans fail.  They just do sometimes.

    And--- when they do, (even when it’s not your fault) just get up and try again.

    You only need it to work once.

    Your Opportunity

    ::Give yourself a (brief) minute to melt. People who hold on to their emotions (rather than allow themselves to feel) eventually explode.  Don’t wait until you boil over.  Feel what you feel and move on.

    ::Quickly take the next right action. Hind sight is 20/20.  If you look at what’s in front of you, you will probably see where things went wrong.  That wrong usually points you in the direction of what’s right. Take the next right action as soon as you are clear on what it may be.  Don’t wait and allow fear and doubt to set in. Act now.

    ::Document the journey.  I absolutely love a goes success story.  The best ones have details of failed attempts.  Don’t cheat yourself out of the luxury of the lesson that accompanies failure. {TWEET THIS}

    Everything in your life (the good and the bad) is apart of the story of your success. {TWEET THIS TOO}

    When your plans seem fail, get up and keep going.  You’ll get there is you don’t give up!



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    Until next time Loves...


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