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    Keep It Moving..

    There is one thing that I find complete pleasure in.  That same thing brings me joy and contentment. When I get off track, this thing puts everything back into perspective.  When my life is hectic and I feel totally overwhelmed, its this thing that makes it all worth while...

    Life has NEVER been easy for me.  In fact, this past few years can only be compared to a Lifetime Movie---minus the cheating husband, seductive baby-sister, and murder plot.

    I have found the resolve to keep it moving because of my beautiful children.  They bring me pleasure, joy, contentment, proper perspective, and motivation.  Seeing them, hearing their laughter, and envisioning their bright future is what I use as inspiration when my circumstances seem bleak.

    If are feeling uninspired, joy-less, and ready to give up, here is your approach:

    Look back.  I love to use the expression the older mothers of my church always said, you may not be what you want to be, but thank God you are not what you use to be. In other words, be grateful for the progress you have already made.  If you were to complete an assessment of your life today, I am certain that you will find great areas of progression.  Taking a look back and seeing how far you have come will put things into perspective.

    Look ahead.  Your past is only relevant if what you have learned from it helps you or someone else. So after taking a brief look back, look ahead!!  With new insight, perspective, and motivation, things can only get better.  In fact, take a moment right now and create a list of things that you want to see in our future. What you see is what you will get!

    Find your thing.  As I shared with you, my thing for keeping it moving is my children.  They get me going every time.  Find your thing---the thing that will give you a jolt of joy when you are sad, perspective when you get off track, and motivation when you want to give up.  Every time you find yourself in a space that makes you want to give up, use that thing and KEEP IT MOVING!!


    Join the discussion in the comments below!  What helps you to keep it moving? How will you apply this approach to not giving up?


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!

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