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    Dream the Impossible {[Revisited]}

    I am a big dreamer---I always have been.  

    In response to my big dreams, my grandmom would always say, I hope God allows me to see you get everything you want in life.  I like to joke with my grandmom every year by telling her she needs to give me a gift for her birthday--- she is still alive because I still have dreams waiting in the wings to come true.

    Everyday I am encouraging someone to dream big---especially those who dream the impossible.  My favorite example of a big dreamer is the story of a migrant worker turned astronaut. 

    Jose Hernandez has a very inspiring story.

    Although he was born in America, he spent his childhood working half of the year in his parent’s native country, Mexico, and the other half working in America. He didn’t even learn to speak English until he was 12 years old. Although he came from a family of field workers, he was compelled to pursue higher education. He was later inspired to challenge himself after hearing the story of America’s first Latin American astronaut, Franklin Chang-Diaz. He heard stories of Franklin’s life and realized they had many things in common. It was at that moment that his journey to NASA began. Hernandez said in an interview …Hey, if Franklin can do it, why can’t I do it? 

    After 12 years of applying, and many strides in the field of engineering, Jose Hernandez was accepted into NASA at the age of 41. Several years later, he became a mission specialist aboard the STS-128. He completed that 14 day journey in September 11, 2009. In another interview Hernandez said I just want people to know that it is ok to dream the impossible.

    I agree with Hernandez. It is ok for you to dream that you can do, be, and experience the things that are felt to be incapable of being done, attained or fulfilled.

    Many people get a glimpse of their big dream, but then close their mind to it because it seems impossible.  If you would have spoken to Jose Hernandez one hot, summer day, while he was hard at work in a field in Mexico, and asked him if he wanted to be an astronaut he would have probably looked at you crazyespecially if you were speaking to him in English. Given his circumstances at the time, that would have seemed impossible.  

    Fortunately for Hernandez, someone else dreamed an impossible dream before him, and Hernandez was smart enough to borrow that dream until he grew enough faith to create his own impossible dream. Once he challenged himself to do what little boys and girls only dream of doing, the sky was no longer the limit for him! He took that spirit of hard work into the classroom and then to NASA and turned his dream into his reality!

    If you are having a difficult time dreaming big because you can't see past your current circumstances, or feel as if your dream is impossible---here is your approach:

    Hijack someone else's dream until you can grow enough faith to dream for yourself.  Here's what I mean. There are women and men that are doing big things in the world.  There are astronauts, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, bakers, and full-time moms that are significantly impacting their communities. Just pick up a newspaper, read a blog, or turn on the television.  Big dreamers are every where!  Pull inspiration from them.  Find someone that is successful at your dream and walk a mile in their shoes.  If they can do it, then by all means So. Can. You.  Once a dream has been achieved, it is no longer impossible.

    Get inspired again! Challenge yourself! Dream the impossible…


    Until next time Loves...when in doubt, simply do what makes sense!

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