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    song creator, inspirational writer/speaker, good food cooker, lipstick wearer… a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. I'm a believer- in God, in dreams, in love, and in hustle with heart. find out more about me here.















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    I AM an award-winning songwriter. Yes. I am an inspirational writer, speaker, and mentor. Yes. I work as a writing consultant and ghost writer for creatives. And, yes. I can encourage you to hustle like your life depends on it (because, well... it does.)

    Sit with me for about 3-7 minutes and I'll get you totally hype about your life.

    That introduction was brought to you by: 

    a girl from the projects who decided NOT to settle. 

    Yup. Still me.

    Who knew so much good could come from the hood?! (Well...God knew. That's the homie)

    I make no huge claims.  My life started in the projects with a 15 year old mom and a 16 year old dad. My grandmom raised me, my dad, my aunt and uncle- while working up to 3 jobs so that she could afford to pay her subsidized rent. At 10 years old, I set my first real goal: I wanted out of the hood.

    I decided that I was going to live a different kind of life. And I have.

    My philosophy:  Settling is for suckers. It's for people who have been convinced that average is good enough. It's for those who are afraid to be who they really want to be. It's for the quiet folk... The people pleasers... Those who would rather just stay where they are. 

    Not settling is hard work. It's sacred work. It's necessary.

    I just needed to live sucker-free.

    I have struggled. I have succeeded. I have struggled. I have succeeded... 

    Details: I graduated high school + started my first business (Makeup by Nakeia) + earned a degree in Psychology + started speaking to at-risk teens and adults + worked as a social worker (and in various human services positions, for 15 years) + met my husband + started writings songs + became a mom + launched + started mentoring women + started writing for creative business owners. 

    Really, I just share my story, in the hope that if I tell you all of my business, you'll learn something from it.

    I've taken notes from all of the lessons I have learned from rejection, heartbreak, insecurity, being broke, finding my voice, building myself up, creating a business... and I share that, too.

    I want my struggle to be useful. I want you to be good.


    Still Me

    Social worker, turned award-winning songwriter, turned inspirational writer, speaker, and mentor, Nakeia Homer has become the first person many aspiring women want to hear from every morning. She began using social media to deliver her morning peptalks, straight up advice, and gentle reminders after women started asking to hear from her more than just weekly at

    Nakeia has been known for her encouraging words since she was just a young girl. And, in spite of the difficulties that came from being raised in the projects, without a traditional family unit, she has learned to use her words to encourage herself- and other women not to settle in life, love, or business/career.

    Just a girl from the projects who decided not to settle is a phrase Nakeia uses to share her story. She believes that behind every dope woman is a story only she can tell. As a writer, speaker, mentor, and writing consultant, Nakeia's story, her words and her hustle has made her a great resource for women. 


    Daily Peptalks: Instagram, and Twitter, @NakeiaCHomer.

    For Speaking + Special Events:

    For a list of some of Nakeia's work as a composer, vocal producer, and singer click here.