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    Why You Want What You Want.


    You want to feel something splendid, something joyful, something meaningful, and something that makes you breathe a little easier.

    Your list of goals keep growing as you attempt to feel more successful, pretty, like a great mom (or dad,) like an awesome wife (or husband,) or just  [insert how you want to feel here.]

    You want to feel something. So, you just keep doing things.

    What if what you want to feel can’t be felt by indulging in the things that are on your list?

    What if your list is getting in the way of you experiencing what you really want the most?

    What if your hustle to get what you think you really want is misplaced?

    Behind every hope, every dream, every wish, and every goal is the heart of someone who just wants to feel good. 

    It doesn't matter how much stuff you pile on your list, if what's on it doesn't really fire you up, pull at your heartstrings, and well... actually make you feel good.

    If you don't feel good, you need to revisit your list.

    Find out what blows your mind, and do more of that.



    Until next time, Love...


    "Pursue something you freaking love!

    And the process that it will take you to get it, will be worth it."




    Boundaries: If It's Not Okay, Say So.

    You tolerate.  You settle.  You are politically correct.

    You do things you don’t want to do.

    You take it like a champ when others offend you, overwhelm you, and disrespect you.

    How does that make you feel?

    Typically, when you feel wronged, you blame the person that caused the grief. Right?

    They shouldn’t treat you that way. They shouldn’t expect you to do things you don’t want to do. I get that. They just shouldn’t do certain things.  They should know better. But they do (certain things) and they don’t (know better.)

    The truth is: they can only do what you let them. At some point, you sent out a message that it was okay offend you, overwhelm you and disrespect you. That makes YOU the real cause of your grief.

    Heavy. I know. But that is some serious truth.

    One day you said it was okay... and they believed you.

    The good news is: today is a new day. If it's no longer okay, say so.

    Send out a new message.  Set some boundaries.

    People will only do what you have said (in some way) it is okay to do. You have to accept what you allowed.

    To send out a new message all you have to do is decide what you will allow in your life and what you will NOT ALLOW, from this point on, and stick with it.

    Here’s the thing, it will not be as difficult as you think. Everyone that deserves a space in your life will understand and respect your new boundaries. Actually, you don't need to make a special announcement. You don’t necessarily have to tell others about your boundaries. Just show them. 



    Until next time, Love...


    "Pursue something you freaking love!

    And the process that it will take you to get it, will be worth it."


    Your Next Move (A Few Words For The Journey...)


    You’re afraid. You think it will never happen. 

    You’re overwhelmed.  You think it’s too big for you to handle.  You’re embarrassed.  You think your past will prevent you from experiencing it.   You feel alone. You have no one to support you on your journey. 

    You’re on the edge.  You think if you take the leap, nothing will be there to catch you.

    I know what you're feeling, thinking, and experiencing because I have felt it, thought it and experienced it (or at least a version of it.)

    Right before you make the decision, take the step, or do your thing: Fear. Overwhelm. Embarrassment. Loneliness. On edge. Or in other words: the stuff you feel when you're all in your feelings about your next move. You are right on the edge. Wondering. What in the world?! 

    Here are your choices.

    A. Stay right where you are (and continue feeling...)

    B. Leap and hit the ground running in the direction of your next...  Through your fear, overwhelm, embarrassment, and loneliness- go for it!

    If you take the leap, your life will catch you.  Your dreams and hopes, your love and passion, your gifts and talents, your family and good friends- God will be your cushion.  Leap. Hit the ground and run for your life.


    You can handle it.




    Until next time, Love...


    "Pursue something you freaking love!

    And the process that it will take you to get it, will be worth it."